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11 Tips to Find the Perfect Mother of the Bride Dress | Curvy Dresses Australia & New Zealand

How do you find the perfect dress for your role as mother of the bride? The search can be a daunting one, but it doesn't have to be. In this article we will explore 11 tips that will help you find the perfect Mother of the Bride dress. Be sure to keep these tips in mind when shopping for your gown and congrats on being a part of such an important day!

1. What is a Mother of the Bride Dress?

A Mother of the Bride dress is a dress that is worn specifically by the mother of the bride, and it stands out from other dresses on the day. It is important to choose a dress that compliments you and makes you feel amazing - its a special day, so you want to feel extra special when it comes to your fashion choices. 

2. What to Look for in a Mother of the Bride Dress

You are bound to have some idea of what your perfect Mother of the Bride dress looks like in your mind before you even start searching. The perfect dress is one that makes you feel confident and comfortable. Weddings are a long day so you want to find a dress that is going to keep you cool and comfortable throughout the ceremony. You want a dress that flatters your body shape and is appropriate for the wedding location and style. Will you be hitting the dance floor? Or will you be seated for most of the day? How will the dress look in professional photos? Will is complement the colour of the bridesmaid dresses? Lots of things to keep in mind when searching for that perfect dress.

3. How to Find the Perfect Mother of the Bride Dress for Your Figure

When shopping for a Mother of the Bride dress, it's important to find one that compliments not only the wedding dress but also your figure. A floral dress or gingham print dresses are a fun option for a day time or more casual wedding, whereas a plain colour is often more of timeless and classic choice for Mother of the Bride dress. Starting with an idea of whether you want to go for a print or a solid colour will help to narrow your search! It's also a great idea to know your measurements (bust, waist and hips) before embarking on your search to ensure you get the right fit. You can then compare to the size guide to ensure you know what you're looking for in terms of size. Then its time to start searching! We recommend adding all the dresses you love into your cart and then going back to your cart at the end so you can narrow down your shortlist. Having lots of options can be overwhelming - using a shortlist can help to narrow down the choices and allow you to easily compare your options.

4. Fabric

What type of fabric does your ideal Mother of the Bride dress use? If you know, then it will be easier to find!

When selecting a fabric for your dress you should consider the temperature of the wedding location, as well as whether it will be a seated or standing reception. Fabric choice is going to have a big impact on how comfortable you are during the entire day. In general we would recommend a cotton if its going to be a really warm day! Viscose or Rayon is also a great option as its drapes in a way that flatters curves and can be a little more dressy. And for a more casual affair, you could go for rayon/spandex blend for comfort and stretch! 

5. Mother of the Bride Dress Neckline

A daring neckline can look beautiful on any mother of the bride. If you've got it, flaunt it we say! A high round neckline is also a classic option that flatters most mothers and pairs well with a beautiful necklace to accessorise. A subtle v-neckline or sweetheart option can also be a great option, as it will give you more coverage and support while still showing a little skin. Remember to consider what type of bra you would like to wear for the day. Choosing something that has coverage for bra straps will give you comfort and support throughout the day.

6. Mother of the Bride Dress Length

It's also important to consider the length of your dress for your wedding day. A short dress may seem like a good idea, but it often becomes restrictive during the ceremony or reception drinks. Particularly if it's a windy day or you're helping out with kids. A midi or maxi length dress can be more appropriate as they are usually comfortable to wear for most of the day and often have a more dressy feel. A long flowy dress with plenty of volume in the skirt will let you twirl the night away.

7. Advice from Mothers of the Bride

There are many different opinions on what mothers should wear when walking down the aisle with their daughter or son. Some believe that it should be a completely different dress than what the bride is wearing, while others think that the dress should be a reflection of the brides'. Some people will say not to wear a white or black dress. But we say - throw all that advice in the bin! Chat with the bride and groom if you're unsure and see what they think. Then choose something that they feel comfortable with but also makes you feel beautiful! This is a special moment in your life, and you should feel good about the dress you're wearing. Don't choose something because you feel thats what a Mother of The Bride should wear - choose something that feels right for you.


8. Your Budget

How much does it cost to buy a mother of the bride dress? As with most things in life, Mother of Bride dresses do come at different price points. Even though you may want to go all out, picking a dress that is outside of your budget can cause you unnecessary stress. Your child's wedding day should be about celebrating and enjoying the moment with your family and friends. We don't think you should be paying above $100 on a dress but you may have a budget in mind or you may want to go all out. Rest assured you can be as fabulous as possible without spending too much. A hot tip from us - pick a dress you'll wear again and again! Something that is classic and versatile is a great way to get value for money.

9. Accessorise!

Accessories can make any outfit look complete and perfect for a wedding. It's also the perfect way to really elevate the look for the special occasion. With a Mother of the Bride dress, don't be afraid to get fancy with accessories. The right accessories can really give your look personality and pop. And remember, think about the neckline of the dress and choose accessories to compliment it. For example, if the neckline is quite simple you could go for a statement piece to draw the eye. Or if you've gone for a plunging or feature neckline you could a pair of beautiful earrings to let the dress shine.

10. Keep true to your personal style

Fashion is always changing and it can be hard to keep up. You don't have to cave into the pressure to fit into the latest trends. Choosing a dress that feels like you is the best way to feel comfortable and confident on the day. It also means that you won't look back at the photos in years to come and think your outfit now looks dated. If you're struggling to decide what feels like you, look for inspiration pictures online or ask your friends what they think. 

11. Have fun shopping for your Mother of Bride dress

When you finally find the perfect Mother of the Bride dress it will be an amazing feeling and one that you will remember forever! It's important to select a dress that makes you feel wonderful and is in line with what you believe in when it comes to fashion. Keep your heart open to different styles, fabrics and trends so that you can find the perfect outfit for you.

We hope that these tips will make your Mother of the Bride search easier and more enjoyable.   We also have some great deals on Mother of the Bride Dresses at here at DRESSES – Peach The Label

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